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About us


About us


Pavol Bigos

  • A photographer, a camera operator and the company secretary

When you call our number, you are most likely to speak to Pavol. Pavol manages all the clients, including marketing departments, he secures new commissions and he will be the one who will guide you through the whole process. He’s involved in preparing the whole production, he comes up with the concepts and writes the scripts. You’ll meet him on the day of the shooting, too, because he’s a photographer and a cameraman by profession. His work is popular not only with Czech customers, but he’s followed in Slovakia, Italy and Austria, too.

“A big part of the job is to understand the client’s perspective and to find a solution which will communicate the main message, the benefits and the appeal of the product or service.”

Eva Bigosova

  • A photographer, a camera operator and post-production

You’ll see Eva on the filming day – with a camera in hand or helping set up the scenes. She does a lot of video editing and colour grading. She’s sought after as a photographer and her retouching skills are truly excellent. You’ll get to meet her at both the beginning and the end of the process. Eva gets all the pictures ready for printing and online use, the video for its TV premiere, social or online media streaming. When it comes to online and offline advertising, Eva draws on her advertising and marketing communication studies.

“You’ll get to work with me primarily when finalising the product. I need to be in touch with you to align my perspective with yours, so I know how to deliver your vision.”

Jakub Zostal

  • A camera operator, post-production

Jakub will listen to your ideas to be able to bring them to life when editing the footage. He’ll choose the most appropriate shots, find the right music, finish the final cut and colour grade the video. You’ll often see him behind the camera, too.

„Pro moji práci je nutné estetické cítění, cit pro střih i výběr hudby, timing. Poté, co poznám klienta, umím odhadnout, jaký hudební podklad bude pro dané video vhodný a jakým stylem by mělo být sestříháno.“

Be new member of Pinarto

  • Postproduction editing/assistant

Please sed us an e-mail to info@pinarto.com. We would like to see your portfolio and a biography.

Mia Bigosova

  • Bossing everyone around

Mia might make you lisp, change your workflow (to prioritise other activities, such as playing) or she might make you go and change. She’s great at smiling, crying, running around, making all sorts of sounds, repeating words and, most importantly, spreading positive energy. Therefore she is a true, irreplaceable member of the Pinarto team. She brings playfulness out of us, she reminds us of our carefree childhoods. And even when we are exhausted, she’s sure to give us a second wind!

“I like to communicate the way I know for now. If you don’t understand me, ask my parents.”