What we do


We specialize in video and photo creation, aimed to attract and reach your target audience effectively. We can build on existing client’s inspiration, push it forward, or come up with our own creative ideas. Ideas of how to stand out from the competition in an original way.

We are very open to any genre. We already have experience with commercials, presentations, recruitment videos, reportage or music videos. In photography, with commercial, product, portrait, interior and artistic photos. And we are eager to get into something new as well:).

Photography and video production

We are able to manage entire realization of the project. We can provide everything that is needed for photo and video production. We tailor the scenario, suggest locations and recommend potential actors or models, depending on the genre. We arrange visage and styling, deliver the props. We light the scenes, direct the play and perform the shooting while taking the very best shots. All lighting and technical equipment we use is mobile. This allows us to offer the shooting directly in the client's premises, in the studio, or any other location, even abroad.

Although the production may be more expensive, we can be very creative in this regard as well. We are determined to find an acceptable solution despite the limited budget and create an attractive and quality work meeting custommer’s marketing intentions.

Technical workflow and postproduction

We do all we can to ensure our visual products are perfect. To achieve this, we use professional technology which provides us with high quality outputs that are a necessity today. In special cases we are able to get hold of the desired gadgets, should a project require us to do so. A fundamental part of a our creative work is also a very precise post-production which we devote a significant part of our effort to when working on an order. We have a wealth of experience with retouch and high-quality reproduction of photography. We follow the world trends very closely and try to stay up to date. Then we provide our customers with modern products executed to a superb standard.

Graphic design

A part of our team is also involved in graphics. We focus mainly on the creation of printed advertisement, billboards, catalogues, annual reports and illustrated publications. But we can also design logotypes, corporate identity and web pages