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Videos / photography

Video has a great potential in the field of ​​industry. It can clearly express diverse application of products or service, especially in films that focus on image and brand building. Motion pictures allow the public to look into the critical and very exciting moments of manufacture that stay hidden otherwise. The viewer can be convinced immediately of the uniqueness, quality and specific properties. Or the spot can communicate any other important claim.

Video is currently a strong marketing tool. Many customers today respond very well to a demonstration of the product in practice. Instructional videos can describe the correct working procedures for the use or maintenance very clearly.

In our team we have people with wide-knowledge overview. We are able to get out bearings of the project and acquire the basic knowledge of the target field very quickly. We process it afterwards while creating the concept, the scenario and also during the filming and post-production.

Case study

As a case study, we would like to mention the project of a video on metallurgy greening in ArcelorMittal Ostrava. It was a PR project that was a technically very specific one. Based on the brief background information we compiled a rough concept of the work. Later, a few hours long excursion in plants, guided by several experts, gave us a more precise idea of the intention of the film. We have shaped out the major realizable goals that we caught on camera in the next few days. When editing and postprocessing, we were in close contact with PR agency representatives and competent persons of the mill. Thus,it allowed us to meet various requirements and deliver complete and factually correct work.

Greening the metallurgy in ArcelorMittal Ostrava

Recruitment videos

As a separate chapter there are videos focused on the area of HR and recruitment. They can truly reveal the working environment and the field of activities of employees. And motivate the interest of other high quality candidates.

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