Our team

We are a creative group working under PINARTO s.r.o. based in Brno, Czech Republic. We are held together by friendship and enthusiasm for our work with visual media in which each and one of us finds his/her self-realisation in his/her own aspect. As a result of this, we complement each other when working together, we support each other and provide each other with constructive criticism to achieve even better results.

Pavol Bigoš

Pavol BigošPavol has studied Automation and Cybernetics at Brno University of Technology, although he currently devotes himself only to his career as a professional photographer. Over the last five years he has well established his name amongst wedding photographers and is one of the best in Czech and Slovak republics. The popularity of his photos and videos is still rising and he is sought after by clients both at home and abroad, especially in Austria and Italy. During the years he spent in this business, he has widened his skills and portfolio with fashion, documentary, advert photographs and video shoots.



Eva BIGOŠová

Eva FildánováEva is a graduate of Economics at Mendel University in Brno. She is also known as a brilliant wedding photographer in the community of Czech photographers. At the same time she is getting into video production more and more every day. Her qualities stand out in the post-production process when she puts her hands on editing and grading videos.




Luděk Šmerda

Luděk ŠmerdaLudek studied the IT field, as well as others. He enhanced the team of Pinarto Company with his experience and technical skills gained during many years of working in the IT field. This knowledge is his great advantage especially when he works with the technique during photographic creation, video production and postproduction. He has been photographing for 10 years and his portfolio gradually included the work with video. He specializes in advertising, reportage and portrait photography, including advanced postproduction. He enjoys work with people and also he is excellent in the field of communication that belongs to the artistic creation through photos and videos.


Július Géczy

Július GéczyJulius is an IT professional who, similarly to Petr, has studied at the Brno University of Technology. He has spent more than ten years devoting himself to web technology and graphic design which he combines when working on and implementing web pages and graphical user interface as such. He also specialises in the creation of corporate identity and logotypes. He has an extensive understanding of the technology behind photography, video and sound and he is never short of enthusiasm when it comes down to solving problems in these areas. He is a demanding listener and the best critic of our entire production.



Petr Selinger

Petr SelingerPetr has graduated from the College of Information Technology at Brno University of Technology. In our team, however, Peter is the specialist on graphic design and advanced retouching. In these aspects he can make the best use of his knowledge of technology and his artistic skills. He is very important in terms of supporting the team during the post-production process and he pushes the photographic and video productions into another qualitative level.




Filip Bigoš

Filip BigosFilip, currently a student of the University of the Arts London, is the producer, director and agent, acting on behalf of the Pinarto team in the UK. Through him we are able to discuss every idea and opportunity face to face with our clients to ensure the services we offer are both efficient and professional. With his experience we know you are in safe hands. Moreover, his creativity adds to everything we do.




Marie Šnevajsová

Marie ŠnevajsováMarie, just like Eva is a graduate of Mendel University in Brno. She has many experiences with studying abroad. She studied in Nebraska, USA, where she has been recognized for her outstanding work in PR and communications last year - Marie earned “Best of Show” in the 2011 Public Relations Society of America Nebraska Paper Anvil competition. She also studied in Germany and Austria, and completed an internship at the European Parliament. Marie has helped the global translation agency Eurologos to enter the Czech market successfully. She likes helping young people to discover new horizons, so she wants to start a non-profit organization. Marie's experiences help us reach new international customers and show the quality of our production to growing European companies.